About Bursary

Overview of the Bursary Department

The Bursary Department is headed by the Ag Bursar Major AM Abubakar, who is the Chief Financial Officer of the University and is responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the day-to-day administration and control of the financial matters of the University. The Bursar is ably assisted by a Deputy Bursar Maj AM Abubakar.

Overtime, the department has evolved to its current state where it comprises six (6) offices namely Budget, Finance, Payment, Payroll, Store and Treasury. Each of the office has an Office Head who oversees the affairs of the office and is directly responsible to the Bursar.

Offices in the Bursary Department

Budget Office: Headed by Mr. Sylvester Ebhonu – Senior Accountant

The Budget Office is the secretariat of the Budget and Estimate Committee. Its functions include the following:

  • Coordinates the development, implementation, monitoring and control of the University’s budget;
  • Coordinates the University strategic planning and budget process, through participation in deliberations of committees and panels presentation of essential institutional data and preparation of various analysis and reports;
  • Develops strategic plan, monitor the implementation of budget; and provides cost studies and analysis;
  • Develops income & expense projections, tuition projections and information pertinent to salaries, employee benefits, new programme initiatives and other general university operating costs;
  • Engages in financial planning, forecasting, budget consolidation, monitoring and the management of the budget reporting systems;
  • Produces periodic reports, surveys and attends to ad-hoc requests relating to the budget; and
  • Keeps waste, misappropriation, inefficiency and other expenses leaks under check.

Finance Office: Headed by Miss Rabi Umar – Accountant 1

This office performs the following functions:

  • Maintains and updates Fixed Assets Register;
  • Asset coding and labelling;
  • Raises Journal Vouchers (JVs) for sundry transactions;
  • Maintains the General Ledgers;
  • Prepares Final Accounts;
  • Prepares and disseminates Management Accounts/Report;
  • Undertakes reconciliation of all University Bank Accounts; and
  • Data processing, programming and systems control.

Payment Office: Headed by Mrs. Amina Berida Dede – Accountant 1

This office performs the following functions:

  • Raises Receipt Vouchers (RVs) and Payment Vouchers (PVs) for sundry transactions;
  • Updates PV files and registers;
  • Passes all approved PVs for audit;
  • Ensures all cash advanced are properly retired within a month after completion of payment/event;
  • Prepares internal memoranda and reports;
  • Prepares payment schedule for all pending transactions;
  • Updates sundry files and other registers;
  • Prepares payment schedules;
  • Initiation of transaction online for payment; and
  • Prepares internal memoranda and reports.
  • Any other duty as may be assigned from time to time;


Payroll Office: Headed by Mr. James Murrey Zidon – Senior Accountant

This office performs the following functions:

  • End to end processing of (weekly, fortnightly and monthly) payroll(s);
  • Maintains Employee Pay Record;
  • Handles variations relating to the payroll;
  • Regular filing and archiving of payroll information;
  • Remittances of taxes and other deductions from salaries;
  • Resolving payroll issues/discrepancies;
  • Reconciling payroll related GL accounts; and
  • Processing and payment of staff terminal and other benefits.

Store Office: Headed by Mr. Nafada Audu Bala – Principal Store Officer

The major functions of the Store Office include the following:

  • To store, control and issue inventories, moveable assets including work-in-progress and part-completed items;
  • To control, training and staff development within the stores area;
  • Initiates supplies and restocking;
  • Submission of monthly and annual reports on stocktaking, stock valuation and Store’s personnel appraisal;
  • Compilation of relevant documents for payment related to supplies for onward transmission to Payment Office; and
  • Carries out other duties as may be assigned.

Treasury Office: Headed by Mr. Musa Hamman Kanti

This office mainly handles investments, cash operations, students’ records and re-insurance and risk management. Additionally, it manages the staff position in the Bursary as well as ensures the continuous capacity development of workforce in the department. In the course of fulfilling its mandate, the office carries out the following:

  • Handles all students’ payments such as Registration, School Fees, etc.;
  • Confirms receipt of fee payments and other payment claims;
  • Manages enterprise-wide risk;
  • Provides hands-on development of risk models;
  • Ensures controls are operating effectively;
  • Manages the insurance policies of the University;
  • Collection and disbursement of cash;
  • Withdrawal and lodgment of cash to the bank;
  • Provides a methodology to identify and analyze the financial impact of loss to the organization, employees, public and immediate environment at large;
  • Management of identifiable risks;
  • Seeks for profitable investments and businesses for the University; and
  • Arranges for training of staff in the Bursary to ensure cognate skills are acquired by the staff.

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