About DICT

Overview of the Directorate of ICT

The Directorate of ICT (DICT) is currently headed by Major Adeyemi Olakitan Shabi, the Acting Director and the most senior officer in the Directorate.  The Directorate of ICT is responsible for the development and maintenance of the University website/portal, network design, installation and deployment, provision of technical support to Directorates, Departments, and Units on ICT related issues, technical training to end user on various application and provision of routine maintenance for end users in the University community amongst others.

The Directorate is comprised of seven (7) units namely Internet & Network Administration, Information Services & Web Development, Administration, Management Information System, Engineering & Maintenance, Business and Training Units. Each of the unit has a unit Head who oversees the affairs of the unit and they are directly responsible to the Director ICT.

Units under the Directorate of ICT

Internet & Network Administration: Headed by: Major AO Shabi

The Internet and Network Administration unit is responsible for trouble-shooting of the University network, Internet service provision, network redesign and server room operations. The unit also recommends security features for securing the University network.

Administration: Headed by Captain TB Elam

The Administration unit of the directorate is responsible for handling administrative matters and pursuance of financial needs within the Directorate. The administration unit is also responsible for writing memos to request for fund from the bursary department.

Information Service & Web Development: Headed by Tahir Abdurahman  Moh’d – System Analyst

The information services and web development unit is responsible for developing, deployment, upgrade and maintenance of existing applications. The unit is also responsible for securing NAUB local and cloud based web applications and infrastructure with the right mechanism for seamless services to the end users.

Engineering and Maintenance: Headed by Ibrahim Ishaku

Engineering and maintenance unit is responsible for repairs of computers and peripheral devices of the Directorate, other Departments and Units. It also maintains staff’s official computer systems

Management Information System: Headed by Engr. Sadiq Adamu

The Management Information System (MIS) unit manages the increasing volume of records of students, staff and finances of the University. One of the statutory responsibilities of the unit is to develop database software to help automate records processing and examination results computation. Update and maintenance of University’s digital students’ records, staff and assets records, coordination, control, analysis, and visualization of information in the University.

Business: Headed by Abduljalil Boyi

The business unit of the directorate is responsible for the day to day business transactions within the Directorate.

Training: Headed by Farouk AB Mohammed

The training unit of the directorate is responsible for training the University staff and Industrial Training students in computer appreciation courses and other ICT related courses.

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Directorate of ICT