Department of Biology

The Department of Biology is amongst the Departments established since the inception of NAUB in October 2018. The Department started with 10 academic staff but now has 2 Professors and 12 others. The Department had 51 students at commencement but now has about 200 undergraduates undergoing extensive tutoring in Biology, Biochemistry and other interdisciplinary courses important to the Department. These undergraduates are expected to launch their careers and eventually join league of professionals in any biology related field after graduation.

The Department’s philosophy is to train and produce graduates with a sound, broad-based degree, who are capable of using the vast available natural resources in contributing to national growth and development, through basic and applied researches in the areas of agriculture, biomedical sciences, biotechnology and environmental sciences in line with the mission and vision of the University.

The Department has underscored the need for a learner centered environment with no limitations to the exchange of ideas between staff and students. This ingenuity and sharing of ideas is the fundamental vision and mission of the department.

The pioneer Head of Department is Captain ME Atukpa (N/15052) BSc PGDE MSc MNARC MTRCN. He served from 4 January 2019 to 4 March 2021. Presently, the Ag Head of Department is Major MM Danzaki (N/13072) FSS BSc MSc PGDE MTRCN PhD since 4 March 2021 till date.

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