All students and applicants are to desist from sending emails to [email protected]. Any complain sent to the mentioned email will not be treated henceforth. Only official email engagements are treated through this channel. Students and applicants are therefore, strongly advised to always send their mails to [email protected]

NOTE: Payment complaints must be written in the format below or else it will not be treated.
Payment Issue:
Students/Applicants must have confirmed their payment status if it has been successfully processed by contacting remita through [email protected] before contacting the NAUB support mail.

Email format:

Subject (indicating the subject matter)

Content (a short brief statement confirming that your payment has been successfully processed by remita) and attach copy of remita original payment receipt (pdf only), or type RRR number. Also note that any incorrectly typed RRR will not be treated. Any attachment such as scanned copy, image or snapshot will not be treated.

Applicants and students are strongly advised against sending multiple emails on the same issue. Issues from anyone violating this information will not be treated.

Directorate of ICT