The Nigerian Army University held its third matriculation ceremony for newly admitted students of 2021/2022 Academic Session on Saturday 7th August, 2021. The matriculation was to induct new students into the University, swear them on oath of good behavior and allegiance and formally admit them into the University as bonafide students with all rights and obligations it entails.

Declaring the ceremony open, the Vice Chancellor Professor Kyari Mohammed expressed that the University was conceived and established based on the good ethos and values of the Nigerian Army, which are discipline, orderliness and respect for constituted authority as well as the universal values of universities; which is freedom to hold and profess divergent opinions. Furthermore, the Vice Chancellor said a university that effectively cohabits on these philosophies will be built.

Prof Mohammed affirmed that Nigerian Army University Biu has zero tolerance for unethical and bad behavior adding that the rod will not be spared on anyone who tests the will of the University. On the same note, he added that the University will not tolerate examination malpractice, cultism, or occultic practices, sexual harassment and violence of any sort.

The Vice Chancellor disclosed that 589 students were given admission, and 450 students have successfully registered and have taken the matriculation oath. Furthermore, only those who have registered and have taken the matriculation oath will be deemed as students of the University.

Matriculating students were administered the matriculation oath by the Registrar Brig Gen SS Ibrahim. Afterwards, he congratulated the matriculated students as they have become bonafide students of the Nigerian Army University Biu.
Caleb Isaac Mishliza