⦁ Log on to
⦁ Click on pay FGN and State TSA
⦁ Click on FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria. Pay a biller page will come up.
⦁ Under “WHO YOU WANT TO PAY”, type Nigerian Army University Biu and click.
⦁ Select “NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE” of your payment from the dropdown menu. That is, Undergraduate service charges or Remedial service charges.
⦁ Enter the amount to pay as applicable to your course of study. See details below:
Returning Undergraduates:
⦁ Science Students ₦35,000
⦁ Non-science Students ₦30,000
New Undergraduates:
⦁ Science Students ₦42,500
⦁ Non-Science Students ₦37,500
Remedial Students:
⦁ Remedial Science ₦35,000
⦁ Remedial Arts ₦30,000
⦁ Enter the payer’s name including your matric number e.g ( Usman Faruk NAUB/18U/FAMSS/ACC/000 )
⦁ Enter the payer’s phone number
⦁ Enter the payer’s email
⦁ Select how you want to pay – Either online or through any commercial bank branch.
⦁ Submit to generate an invoice containing 12-digit Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number.
⦁ An e-mail will be sent to you with options of payment as follows
              *Click here to pay now
              *Visit and click “Pay Electronic Invoice” to pay with your RRR
              *Visit any Bank Branch with your RRR to make Payment.

⦁ Proceed to Bursary Department for confirmation and endorsement of your receipt.

All students and applicants are to desist from sending emails to [email protected]. Any complaint sent to the mentioned email will not be treated henceforth. Only official email engagements are treated through this channel. Students and applicants are therefore, advised to always send their mails to [email protected]


For all Admission related issues, candidates interested in NAUB are to send their queries or request to [email protected]


Applicants and students are strongly advised against sending multiple emails on the same issue. Issues from anyone violating this information will not be treated.


Directorate of ICT