⦁ Log on to
⦁ Click on pay FGN and State TSA
⦁ Click on FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria. Pay a biller page will come up.
⦁ Under “WHO YOU WANT TO PAY”, type Nigerian Army University Biu and click.
⦁ Select “NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE” of your payment from the dropdown menu. That is, Undergraduate service charges or Remedial service charges.
⦁ Enter the amount to pay as applicable to your course of study. See details below:
Returning Undergraduates:
⦁ Science Students ₦35,000
⦁ Non-science Students ₦30,000
New Undergraduates:
⦁ Science Students ₦42,500
⦁ Non-Science Students ₦37,500
Remedial Students:
⦁ Remedial Science ₦35,000
⦁ Remedial Arts ₦30,000
⦁ Enter the payer’s name including your matric number e.g ( Usman Faruk NAUB/18U/FAMSS/ACC/000 )
⦁ Enter the payer’s phone number
⦁ Enter the payer’s email
⦁ Select how you want to pay – Either online or through any commercial bank branch.
⦁ Submit to generate an invoice containing 12-digit Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number.
⦁ An e-mail will be sent to you with options of payment as follows
              *Click here to pay now
              *Visit and click “Pay Electronic Invoice” to pay with your RRR
              *Visit any Bank Branch with your RRR to make Payment.

⦁ Proceed to Bursary Department for confirmation and endorsement of your receipt.