1. NAUB Medical Centre is NHIA accredited to provide primary and secondary health care services to both staff and students of NAUB. It also provides emergency care to any sick individual who happens to develop a medical challenge while within its jurisdiction.

2. The Centre was located in a much smaller building at the temporary site of the University till January 2022 when its was re-located to its current building at the permanent campus.

3. The Centre currently has 5 adult beds for females and 8 for males. There are many children’s beds/cots which are not yet deployed because Obs/Gynea services are not yet active but it is envisaged that as the Centre grows, this area of care will become functional.


4. NAUB Medical Centre has the following Sections:
a. Curative
b. Pharmacy
c. Nursing
d. Laboratory
e. Medical Records
f. Administrative Support


5. The Medical Centre renders health services at the primary and secondary levels. The secondary level specialties include physic, pharmacy and laboratory services.

6. Primary level health care comprises general consultation, drug prescription and dispensing, health education for prevention of disease, management of common ailments such as malaria, respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, digestive tract infections, primary ear, nose and throat infections, soft tissue infections, skin blemishes and tropical infestations, alongside basic laboratory services.

7. Secondary level health care covers management of severe malaria, meningitis, septicaemia, complicated respiratory tract infections, complicated typhoid fever, diabetes, hypertension, other cardiovascular conditions, renal disease, liver diseases, snake bites, scorpion, bees and spider stings, some surgical problems and gynaecological matters, among others, as well as laboratory and pharmaceutical services.

8. All the sections at the Medical Centre work in unison to ensure the best possible health outcome to any client who presents.

9. The Centre is currently headed by a Board Certified Physician.

RN NKADO fwacp
Chief Medical Director