The Information and Protocol Unit, Nigerian Army University Biu, Borno state was established in December 2018. The Unit is one of the Units directly under the office of vice chancellor. The Unit is responsible for creating, enhancing and protecting the University’s reputation, as well as cordial relationship between the University and its host community. These are done through sustained internal and external communication, media relations and proactive management of information about the University. The Unit is charged with the duty of creating and promoting good sustained public opinion and understanding to create a positive image of the university in the minds of her various publics, using up-to-date public relations and publicity strategies.
It serves as the clearing house of general information regarding the University in the minds of her various publics.
The Unit has three sub-units which includes the following:
⦁ Information and Public Relations Sub-Unit
⦁ Protocol Sub-Unit
⦁ Technical and Operations Sub-Unit
Each of the sub-unit function collectively to ensure success of all events organised by the University.


The key objective of the information and Protocol Unit of the University is to:
⦁ Maintained a two-way communication between the University Management and the institution’s internal and external publics.
⦁ Counsel the management on matters of public opinion/reputation about the University
⦁ Coordinate events planning, proper coverage and reporting of all accomplishments of the University.
⦁ Plan and coordinates ceremonies and special events.

The responsibilities/duties of the unit include:
⦁ Monitor media coverage as well as public opinion about the University and draw the attention of management on negative coverage or public opinion.
⦁ Counsel the Vice-Chancellor on Media Relations, publicity and how to handle press conference.
⦁ Respond to enquiries from the general publics and other educational institutions
⦁ Initiating up-to-date public relations and publicity strategies and methods.
⦁ Take charge of accreditation of journalist attending university functions
⦁ Keeping safe record of all event (Pictures and Visuals)
⦁ Organising news conference and special interviews.


The Unit has staff strength of fourteen personnel, an Army public Relations Officer (APR) and a soldier (Photographer)
1 Rabiu Hassan Ismaeel Principal Public Relations officer
2 Sule Rafi’at Shola Senior Public Relations Officer
3 Adokwu Ajuma Judith Senior Public Relations Officer
4 Madu Mustapha Aliyu Information & Protocol officer I
5 Rabi Othman Public Relations Officer I
6 Caleb Isaac Mshelia Public Relations Officer I
7 Auwal Bande Mohammad Public Relations Officer I
8 Bwazang Agnes Information & protocol officer I
9 Maryam Sanusi Babantakko Information & protocol officer I
10 Abdulmalik Bappah Technical officer (Photography)
11 Isah Mohammed Administrative Assistant
12 Charity Mshelia Graduate Assistant
13 Capt. Abubakar Birma Yamta Captain (APR)
14 Lawal Ibrahim Soja Private (APR Photographer)


The Information and Protocol Unit has achieved many things since its establishment. These, among others includes:
⦁ The Unit has assisted in the success of all the events/functions organised by the University Management.
⦁ The University management has facilitated the registration/induction of 9 staff into the Nigerian Institute of Public Relation (NIPR), which is a pre-requisite to practice Public Relations in Nigeria.
⦁ The Unit ensured that all events held at the University received proper coverage.
⦁ Publication, the Unit has successfully published the maiden and second edition of NAUB Bulletin.
⦁ The staff of the Unit have participated in various training organised by the University Management to improve staff skills and enhance efficiency and quality service delivery.


The unit has some future plans which it hopes to achieve, some of which include:
⦁ The Unit aspire to be developed into a directorate of Information and Protocol as the University grows
⦁ Create more favourable public awareness of the University and the need for greater social support.
⦁ To increase the reputational visibility of the University to the public (internal and external) using public opinion feedbacks and media engagement.
⦁ The unit aspire to improve on the cordial working relations with the University Management and the entire University community.