The discipline of Building deals with the professional content and training requirement to become a builder. While informal training in building raft exist, to become a professional builder requires formal and structured training. In Nigeria, the discipline of Building is deliberately structured to produce graduate who combines some knowledge of every aspect of construction to become a master in the production management of buildings.

A professional builder is a person who has received an approved standard of training and practice in building, and found competent after due examinations, to be registered by the National Council of Builders. The programme is therefore designed to produce professional builder to effectively manage ‘Building Production Management’ which encompasses the provision of services in the area of buildability and maintainability analysis, preparation of contract documents, contract management, maintenance management as well as building facilities management.


The underlying philosophy of Building Department is to develop and advance the Science and practices of building. Building Technology involves building assembly/construction technology and techniques, buildability and maintainability analyses, building construction process and methodology in the areas of site management, contract management, financial management, building production and maintenance. A Building Technology graduate is therefore expected to devote substantial part of their lives to solving national problems of how to make Nigeria technologically truly independent and break new grounds in all aspects of building techniques, building production management, construction processes and building maintenance.


The aim of a degree programme in building is to train competent graduates in building construction process, its management and maintenance. In addition, the programme provides sufficient general knowledge and specified skills/techniques, which will enable the professional builder to manage and control the technological, economic, human and material resources involved in the building production process and to become Building Production Expert.

The objectives of building department are:
⦁ Train students to interact effectively with owners, developers, other allied professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the construction industry including artisans and craftsmen.
⦁ To fully equip students for public and private sector services and self-employment, as well as be acceptable for registration with Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON) and other professional bodies
iii. To groom building students in the art, science, technology/techniques and culture of building maintenance technology, maintenance management and facility management.