Dr. Mikailu Habila: Fusing Knowledge, Vision, and Tech Innovation

Meet Dr. Mikailu Habila, an accomplished Lecturer I at the Department of Computer Science, Nigerian Army University, Biu, and the dynamic acting Head of the same department. With a PhD in Computer Science and over a decade of experience, he’s a stalwart in teaching, research, and IT systems. Beyond academia, he shapes IT infrastructures and management. As a versatile researcher, his focus spans developing tech systems for university classrooms, and exploring technology’s applications in agriculture and security. At the heart of the university’s technological evolution lies Dr. Habila’s integral role as a member of the university ICT Committee. In this capacity, he contributes his sagacious insights to sculpt the destiny of ICT infrastructure, policies, and initiatives. His participation in this vital governing body mirrors his commitment to shaping a digitally empowered future for both the university and the larger community. His illustrious voyage intersects with the corridors of esteemed associations, including the revered Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) and the Nigeria Computer Society. His affiliation with these prestigious bodies underscores his stature as a tech luminary, cementing his influence within the national and global tech arena.

In the realm of research, his passion lies in Artificial Intelligence, especially the application of machine learning in education, security, and system software. To delve deeper into his insights and journey, one need not traverse distant paths; they are but a click away at
Dr. Mikailu Habila: A luminary bridging academia, technology, and innovation.


The Department of Computer Science was established in 2018 following the creation of the Nigerian army University Biu. The Department is among the Pioneer Department of the University. It’s started its academic activities in the College of Education Waka Biu in 2018/2019 Academic Session alongside other Departments of the Faculty. The Department Commences Degree programmed with 16, 27, 45, and 27 Students in 100L, 200L, 300, and 400L respectively. The Department focuses on delivering world-class Academic Curriculum that enables the students to obtain and have stronghold in acquiring computing skills and practices.
Since its inception, the Department have been training students in different aspect of computer science: – Programming languages; database management system; networking; artificial intelligence among others. The Department have been under the stewardship of Dr. ZA Pindar, the Pioneer Head of Departments till date. While Mr. Luwani Ishaya is serving as examination officer of the Department.

The vision of Computer Science Programme is to seek to become a great Centre of excellence from where highly qualitative Computer Scientist, who will be capable of using the knowledge and skills gained for solving complex societal and industrial problems, can be produced.

The mission of Computer Science Programme is to be a Centre that will produce highly suitable graduate of Computer Science, for the global market, post graduate and Research works.


Generally, computer science refers to the study of computers which include the design, operation, and use in information processing. The field of computer science combines both the theoretical and practical aspects of engineering, electronics, information theory, Mathematics, logic and human behaviour. Areas of computer science includes programming using programming languages (both high level and low level),Computer architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Information system design and Development, Robotic as well as the development of methods and algorithms for solving typical mathematical and other problems. The BSc. Computer Science programme is particularly designed to produce quality and competitive graduates who are practically oriented so as to provide computer solutions required in the field of Science, Engineering, Business, Healthcare, Agriculture, Entrepreneurial skills for easy integration and innovation. The Computer Science Programme is a four (4) years course leading to the award of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The four years are divided in four sessions with each session further subdivided into two semesters, and one semester of Industrial Training (IT) at second semester of the 3rd year (300 level).


The following are the specific objectives of the programme:
⦁ To produce graduates with the ability and expertise to conduct and lead research in different aspects of computer science which in turn be beneficial to meeting the local, national and global need of the society.
⦁ To train graduates in computer science who can cope with computing demands of the industry and other sectors of the Nigerian economy
⦁ To provide the undergraduate students with adequate theoretical knowledge of the computer science and its related fields, and also to create a good awareness and enthusiasm for computer science and its capabilities
⦁ To provide high quality computer science graduates with the range of knowledge and skills to be able to impact positively and provide solution to problems in various fields of human endeavour locally, nationally and globally.
⦁ To empower undergraduate students with practical knowledge of entrepreneurial related areas of computer science, to make them (upon graduation) self-employed and job creators.