The Environmental Management Department is one of the Academic Department in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the Nigerian Army University Biu. The Department is administered by the head of department in collaboration with the Dean of the faculty and the departmental Board members. The department has the departmental Board as the decision making body of the Department with the Head of department as the Chairman and all Academic Staff as members. The Board takes decisions on all academic matters as directed by the University Senate and Administration. Academic staff are appointed as Level advisers to all students to properly guide them in their academic work and other relevant matters.


The underlying philosophy of Environmental management Department is to cultivate a profession that manages the earth’s systems in ways that ensure the long term viability of life on our planet. This will emphasize integrated thinking and learning so that graduates will understand beyond linear fragmented approaches to holistic planning for environmental sustainability. In line with this understanding and other globally significant environmental issues, Nigerian Army University Biu complied with the directives of National University Commission by establishing the Department of Environmental Management. The Department therefore, aims at training and educating top, medium and lower levels skilled man-power with a view to attaining sustainability without compromising the present for the future.


The cardinal objective of the course is to promote academic excellence through the training of technocrats and functional environmental managers, capable of managing the environment based on the concept of sustainable development. The course is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge in environmental management concepts and the use of modern equipment and techniques to manage such. It will provide sound background knowledge and reasonable compact view of the entire environment with emphases on matters that are of concern to humanity.